Activities / AchievementsActivities / Achievements
Activities and Achievements
Activities and Achievments

An Essay writing competition on "Cooperatives - A way to develop Leaders" was held on 31st March 2012 at VAMNICOM, Pune. 17 Post
Graduate Students from Economics, Commerce and Management streams from Pune University and affiliated Institutes/ Colleges participated
in the Competition.

S.NoS.No Title of the PublicationTitle of the Publication Written/Edited byWritten/Edited by Year of PublicationYear of Publication PricePrice
01 Proceedings and Papers of 24th Annual
National Convention, Pune
Convention Papers June 2007 Rs. 200
02 Proceedings and Papers of 25th Annual National Convention, Gandhinagar Convention Papers November 2008 Rs 200
03 Sugar Cooperatives Shri M.S.Marathe Dec.2009 Rs 100
04 Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank - A Voyage Through A Hundred Years Prof. R.V.Nadkarni Jan.2010 Rs 300
05 Readings in Cooperation ISSC March 2011 Rs 300
06 Recent Trends in Cooperative Law and Micro Finance (Proceedings and Papers of 28th Annual National Convention) ISSC, Pune 2013 Free for ISSC Members
07 Impact of Vaidyanathan Committee on STCCS & 100 years of Housing Cooperatives (Proceedings and Papers of 29th Annual National Convention) ISSC, Pune 2014 Free for ISSC Members
08 Best Business Practices in Co-operatives ISSC, Pune 2015 Free for ISSC Members
09 Innovative Co-operative Ventures/Initiatives ISSC, Pune 2015 Free for ISSC Members
Sr.NoSr.No DateDate PlacePlace HostHost Chief GuestChief Guest SubjectSubject
01 June 1980 Pune University of Pune Dr.B. Venkatappiah 1. Applicability of Principles of Cooperation in Developing Economies
2. Performance Appraisal of Coop. in the Planned Economic Develop. in Indian During 1951-1976
3. Future Prospects fore the Coop. Agricultural Credit Structure in India.
02 Dec. 1981 Bangalore University of Bangalore Dr. V.K.R.V.Rao Agricultural Sciences 1. State Participation in Cooperatives Concept and Operational Experience.
2. Impact of Processing Cooperatives on (a) the Income, Standard of Living and Investment of the Members, particularly the smaller and the weaker among them and (b) the area in which they are located.
03 Dec.1982 Waltair Andhra University Prof. V.M.Dandekar 1. Concept and approach of Cooperative Federalism and Performance of Cooperative
2. Performance Federations in India and Problems of Cooperatives as Agencies for bringing about Integrated Rural Development.
04 Dec. 1983 Madras Tamilnadu Coop. Union and University of Madras and Netesan Coop. Training College, Madras Dr. V. Kurien 1. Management of Coop. in the Context of their Democratic set-up.
2. Comparative Study of the Performance of Coop. and other agencies in the Provision of Credit for Agriculture and small scale Industries.
05 Oct. 1984 Pune Maharashtra Rajya Sah. Sangh and the University of Pune Dr. Manmohan Singh 1. Cooperative Marketing as an aid to Increased Production.
2. Consumer Protection and Cooperatives
3. Role of Women in Cooperatives.
06 Dec.1985 Lucknow Lucknow University Shri V.S.Page 1. Democratic Principles in Cooperatives
2. Strategies of Cooperative Development to aid the weaker sections of the Society.
07 Dec.1986 New Delhi NCUI, New Delhi Shri S.S.Puri 1. Cooperatives in 2001 A.D.
2. Cooperative Law visa-vis Democratic Principles and Federalism;
3. Member Education in Cooperatives
4. Research in Cooperation.
08 Dec.1987 Bhopal Madhya Pradesh State Coop. Bank Ltd., Bhopal Shri Annasaheb Shinde 1. Government and Cooperatives in India
2. Making Cooperative Economically viable to serve as effective agency for increasing productivity and production in Agriculture and Small Scale Industries.
09 Nov. 1988 Trivan-drum Co-op. Training College, Trivandrum, Collaboration with Kerala University Dr. A.M.Khusro 1. Basic Values in Cooperation
2. Urban Cooperative Banks-An Identity crisis
3. Cooperatives and Tribal Development
10 Dec.1989 Aligarh Aligarh Muslim University Shri Abid Hussien 1. Impact of Interest Rates Charged by the Cooperatives for Agricultural Credit on Economy of the Borrowing Farmers and on the Economy of the funding Cooperative Institutions.
2. Role of the Sup[port Organizations in the Development of the Cooperatives in India
3. Experience of the Cadre Systems of Personnel at different levels in Cooperative institutions.
11 Nov. 1990 Anand Institute of Rural Management, Anand Dr. Nilkantha Rath 1. Contribution of Co-operatives to Capital Formation their Potential and Actual Performance.
2. Sickness in Cooperatives-Causes and Cures.
3. Self-help Groups - Non-formal Co-operatives-their Potential and Perceived Role.
12 Oct.1991 Pune VAMNICOM, Pune Shri M.M.K.Wali 1. Role of Co-operative and voluntary organizations in Rural Development - their potential actual performance in the Seven Five Year Plans and their projection for the Eighth Five Year Plan.
2. Co-operatives and Entrepreneurial Development
3. Management Accounting in Cooperatives.
13 Jan.1993 Bangalore Institute of Coop. Management, Bangalore and National Centre for Management Development in Agri. & Rural Deve. Banking Bangalore Dr.G.V.K.Rao 1. New Economic Policy and its impact on the Cooperative Sector.
14 Jan.1994 Panaji Goa University Dr.P.R.Dubhashi 1. Basic Values and Cooperative Principles
15 Jan.1995 Udaipur Mohanlal Sukhadia University Shri G.C.Kataria 1. "Cooperative Legislation in India in the context of Basic Values and Liberalization of the Economy"
i) Eros on of Basic values in the existing Cooperative Legislation.
ii) Future of Cooperative Law in the context of economic liberalization
iii) Cooperative Management Strategy in the changing economic scenario
iv) Cooperatives for Women, Tribal and Rural Development.
16 May 1996 Shimla Himachal Pradesh State Coop. Union, Shimla Shri Thakur Neher Singh 1. Autonomy: Making Coop. Democracy Meaningful
2. Cooperatives and the community : How cooperatives extend their concern to the communities in which they operate
17 May 1997 Shantiniketan Visva Bharati University, Shantiniketan Shri Bhakti Bhushan Mondal 1. Role of Leadership in Reshaping Cooperative Movement for Twenty-first Century.
18 Oct.1999 Surat South Gujarat University Dr.S.P. Punalkar 1. Member Apathy Towards their Co-operatives-Factors Responsible for Lack of Participation in Cooperative Activity.
2. Professionalisation of Co-operative Management at the Board and Executive Levels.
19 Feb.2001 Pune University of Pune and VAMNICOM Smt. Shashi Rajgopalan 1. Self-help Groups and Non-formal Cooperatives
2. Women and Cooperation
20 Jan.2002 Kolhapur Shivaji University, Kolhapur Dr. Deepak Shah 1. Impact of WTO policies on Cooperative Trade in the Context of Globalization
2. Research in Cooperation.
21 Jan.2003 Dharwad University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad, Karnataka Dr.R. Dwarakinath 1. Future of Cooperative Rural Credit
2. Corporate Governance in Cooperative Institutions
22 Oct.2004 Pune VAMNICOM, Pune Shri Bhagwati Prasad 1. Cooperative Viability - Case studies of Viable Coop. models in Different Sectors of the Cooperative Movement.
23 Nov.2005 Chandi-garh RICM, Chandigarh Sh. Sita Ram Chauhan 1. Rehabilitation of Sick Co-op. Units in Credit Marketing and Processing Sectors
2. Co-operative and Civil society (Co-operatives and the Community with emphasis on Sociological aspects)
24 June 2007 Pune VAMNICOM, Pune Dr.Y.S.P. Thorat 1. Performance and Problems of Urban Cop. Banks in India
2. Is Micro Credit the Solution to present problems of Agricultural Coop. Credit in India?
25 Nov.2008 Gandhi-nagar URICM, Gandhinagar Shri. B.M.Vyas 1. Challenges for Dairy Co-operatives
2. Transparency in Management of Co-operatives
26 Jan.2010 Pune VAMNICOM, Pune Shri N.S.Rao 1. Mergers and Acquisitions of Urban Coop. Banks
2. Future of Credit Coop. Sectors in Post GOI Revival Package for short term Agricultural Credit.
27 March 2011 Surat D.G.Patel Coop. Management Centre, Surat (Gujarat) Shri Dilipbhai Bhakta 1. Reforms in Cooperative Law
2. Non-Agricultural (Urban) Cooperative Credit Societies - Prospects and Problems.
28 Dec. 2012 Pune VAMNICOM, Pune Padmabhushan Balasaheb Vikhe Patil 1. 97th Constitutional Amendment and its impact on Co-operatives.
2. Role of Co-operatives in Micro Finance.
29 Feb. 2014 Bengaluru RICM, Bengaluru Shri M.C.Muniyappa, IAS 1. Impact of GOI Revival Package on STCCS based on Vaidyanathan Committee Report.
2. 100 years of Housing Co-operatives - Achievements and Prospects.
30 29th & 30th January 2015 Tamil Nadu Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed University), Gandhigram, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu. 624 302 Dr.S.Natarajan 1. Innovative Cooperative Ventures/Initiatives
2. Best Business Practices in Cooperatives.
31 5th & 6th March 2016 Mysuru Department of Commerce &Third Sector Research Resource Centre, University of Mysuru, Mysuru Prof. K.S. Rangappa Keynote Address: Dr.(Ms)Meenakshi Rajeev

Positioning of Cooperatives in Emerging Market Economy